Our Team

Our very capable Innkeeper

Please meet the newest addition to the team – Chris Harris, our new Manager/Innkeeper. Even though Chris is new to the staff, he is very familiar with and comfortable at Cali Cochitta as he (and his family) have been guests of ours for over 16 years. Along with a professional career within the hospitality/guest service industry, Chris brings a keen eye and a high attention to detail, but it's his desire to provide the ultimate experience for each guest, which makes us so happy he's ours. "My role simply is to anticipate the needs and to assist our guests, so their experience (on property and off) is not only enjoyable, but memorable."  Personally, Chris has three children; Hannah and her husband Derek live in Salt Lake City and his two boys, Jackson and Cooper (pictured above with Chris) live in Austin, Texas.

Yudelka Byers aka. Yudi - Head Housekeeper

Yudi came to the USA by way of Dominican Republic in 2008. We feel fortunate to have her join our B&B family. She joined us in March of 2012. Her professionalism and attention to detail is showcased in every aspects of the B&B. She is married to a local resident of Moab Steve Byers who is a lawyer. When she is not at work she loves to travel, sight see, go for walks and spend time with her family back in the Dominican Republic.

Sophee & Wriglee

The true bosses of Cali Cochitta! Sophee and Wriglee are Kim and David's dogs. Wriglee is a Maltese and Sophee is our fancy girl- she's a Coton de Tulear. Both pups are hypoallergenic, making them the perfect pets for our B&B! They love greating our guests (sometimes a little too much), but don't let their barks scare you, it's just their way of saying hello.  Once they get to meet you, they are the sweetest! Sophee loves a good belly rub and Wrigs will just melt when you give him a good neck scratch.